After being in the chronic pain area for 15 years now, I’m always learning about new triggers for headaches and migraines. Some are traditional, and some are things we encounter every day and not think that they could be the cause. When it comes down to it, inflammation is the single thing that unites all chronic diseases and migraines are no different. As I’ve assessed patient after patient, I’ve noticed things that are incredibly consistent.

The pattern of injury in patients with head and neck pain is remarkably consistent. Why are muscle groups and cranial nerves involved in injury always the same? They always include the 11th cranial nerve. That is an interesting nerve as it has two distinct functions.

Migraine & Accessory Nerve

The first, it controls two muscles, the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the Trapezius muscle. These are the most important muscles for controlling head positioning and critical for feedback on head positioning to the brain.

The second thing it does for migraine patients is it joins with the vagus nerve, which controls gut functioning. Nausea is a common migraine symptom. All headache sufferers have a component of neck pain as a part of their symptoms, and similarly, all car accident victims with whiplash have a headache component to their suffering.

All headache sufferers also have nausea if not vomiting as a part of their symptoms. It is related to the damage to the cranial nerves. How many of you have been told, “the MRI is normal, it’s all in your head”. Well, in fact, it is all in your head,  the injury pain is real.

A critical point I would like to make is that when you suffer an injury, white blood cells rush to that area to trigger an immune response and heal it. But, those same white blood cells also rush to the corresponding area in your brain that is responsible for that injury. In a perfect world, everything should function without issue: the area heals, and everything returns to normal. Hence why our grandfathers or great-grandfathers could suffer a devastating injury and still live to their late 90’s or beyond and run the family farm fine.

However, we don’t live in a perfect world. We have a major problem. We are contaminated with heavy metals from dental fillings, seafood and immunizations, which contain vast amounts of mercury and aluminium. We also have increasing amounts of lead from water pipes (as in Detroit) and cadmium from cheap jewellery. All these metals are potent neurotoxins. There is no debate on this. When heavy metals enter your body, white blood cells (macrophages) ingest them but they cannot get rid of it (for reasons in the next session) and pass them down from one generation of white blood cells to the next. Which is fine until those white blood cells are called into action. When we have an injury, white blood cells rush to the area of injury but also rush to the area of the brain corresponding to that injury! So now an injury leaves a heavy metal imprint on the brain corresponding to the exact physical injury of the person. So the physical wound heals, but the heavy metal injury to the brain persists, so the patients continue to suffer pain in spite of all testing showing normal functioning.

Now we have the second player this symphony. One of the most potent cleansers of heavy metals from the body is the essential amino acid GLYCINE. Now anyone out there that has looked at bone broth as a nutritional supplement should know that 33% of the amino acids in bone broth is glycine. That’s why it’s so good for you. It chelates (removes) heavy metals from your body.

Well just for good measure, the industry in all their wisdom has been spraying GLYPHOSATE on our food for a generation! This is also called ROUNDUP, the most widely used chemical in the world today (as in GMO foods all are loaded with it). Glyphosate and Glycine are remarkably similar, so similar in fact our bodies cannot distinguish between the 2. So if the body starts using glyphosate instead of glycine what do you think will happen?

First, you can no longer get rid of heavy metal toxicity in your body, so migraines with neck spasms, come on down! The next thing you run into is other manifestations of heavy metal toxicity such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, Seizures, Facial Palsies, kidney dysfunction, autoimmune diseases and of course fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. All these issues are readily explained by heavy metal poisoning look it up; all your symptoms are there. It’s been known for 100 years. It’s a long process to fix, but it can be done. Manage pain first then fix the underlying issues.