Your personal health information is crucial for us to be able to treat you. Your information (and you) will be treated with the utmost respect and privacy possible. We may obtain information from other sources (like other specialists), if you give us permission to do so.

Use of your Personal Health Information

Your information is needed to help diagnose (including testing) and treat you for your health conditions. Sometimes information is used for educational purposes. In this case, no identifying information is used. Information may also be shared with others you designate, like other physicians, your lawyer, insurance company, etc. This will only be done with your written approval.

Your Rights

You may correct your personal health information if it will make a difference to your care. You may withdraw consent for us to use all or any part or your personal health information at any time. (This may limit our ability to help you however, and can be discussed with your doctor, or the Privacy Contact person).

Protecting your Information

Your information can never be revealed to someone else, unless you are under the age of consent (and a parent gives approval), you have a substitute decision-maker who gives approval, you sign a Release of Information form, or the law requires us to. Your information is kept securely; electronic records are password protected and backed up on a regular basis. Paper files are kept behind locked doors.

For more information, speak to your doctor. Dr. Jeff Matheson is the privacy contact person for the clinic. The Information and Privacy Commissioner for Ontario is Ann Cavoukian. She can be reached at 2 Bloor Street East, Suite 1400, Toronto, M4W 1A8, Phone 416-326-3333, Fax 416-325-9195, website


You have a legal right to access your medical information. Requests to do so must be in writing and signed by yourself or your representative. An appointment must be made to access your record. Your doctor or another doctor will be present to answer any questions. There may be rare circumstances when access can be legally denied. In these situations, an explanation will be given in writing. There will be no charge for a reasonable visit to access your record (up to thirty minutes), but additional time or visits are subject to fees. There will be a charge for photocopying of records. The physical chart belongs to the Headache, Migraine and Concussion Centre, and must not leave the premises.