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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can still receive care. However, the costs of care and treatments would need to be paid out of pocket to cover these expenses.

  • What is the cost to see a doctor without OHIP?

There is no set cost. Patients are charged the amount which would normally be billed to OHIP, which will vary depending on the treatment or care received.

At this time, OHIP provides no coverage for the following treatments. However, many extended health benefits packages provide either partial or full coverage for these:

BOTOX® injection and treatment fees (see below)

  • What is the cost for BOTOX® treatment if the patient does not have third-party insurance?

This varies depending on the type of BOTOX® treatment the patient requires and can range between $400-$1300.

We accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, debit, cash, and e-transfer.

Yes, any licenced and registered medical practitioner can make such a referral.

Upon receiving the referral, the HMC Centre will call you to book your initial consultation appointment. Moreover, we will go over some essential information with you, including the cancellation fee, clinic address, and what to bring and expect. We will also email you a welcome email with your appointment date and details, as well as a Google Maps link to help you locate the clinic. Finally, the patient will also receive reminders in the week leading up to their appointment.

The patient can request copy of their medical chart using any form of communication, such as by email, phone and fax.

  • Is there a fee to transfer or get a copy of my records?

Yes, there is a charge to request or transfer a copy of the patient’s medical records. The charge varies depending on the size of the chart.

  • How long does it take to receive the chart after the request?

The patient can pick up their chart in person, or it can be sent to the medical practitioner who requested it (if different from the not referring practitioner) once the patient has paid the associated fees. The chart is typically ready within 1-2 business days following the request.

  • Does the patient need to sign a release form to transfer or receive a copy of their records?

No, but the practitioner sending the request typically attaches their own request form.

  • What is the approximate cost per page or the cost for an average- and large-sized medical chart?

The costs can vary from about $30-$80, depending on chart size and the number of pages.

To get OHIP coverage for care and treatments, the patient must present a valid OHIP card. Otherwise, the patient would be required to cover associated expenses out of pocket.

No – HMC provides solely non-narcotic treatment.

No – patients are required to cover their own travel costs